Powerful design tells a story.

And as a designer, I get to tell that story. I do this through color choice, typography, organization, iconography and creative problem solving to help "build story" and elicit a response or an action from the viewer.

I have a passion for logo development and brand work in addition to digital design UX/UI with a past history in traditional print design. I've been a design professional for over 10 years working in two of Baltimore's more preeminent ad agencies, Planit and MGH. I've also worked for Discovery Channel within the TLC team and for Under Armour and most recently, Havas|helia, a digital agency specializing in email and digital strategy.

I also enjoy working on freelance projects working with an array of clients ranging from small to mid sized companies to develop identity, branding and campaign communication across print and digital platforms.

I'm a mother of two little boys (three if you count our Vizsla, Willie). And we are new residents to the suburbs of Towson (formerly living downtown in Canton), with my hubby of 5 years.